When your girlfriend loves you but is not happy (2023)

So what should a man do when his girlfriend loves him but tells him she's not happy?

Well, a drastic solution to the problem that may work for some guys is to leave her before she leaves him.

Teach her a lesson by making her realize that she has a great husband and should be thankful and happy for that.

But what else can a man do?

What can a man do to make his girlfriend happy with him without going through a breakup and without putting a lot more effort into the relationship?

I will talk about that in this video.

First of all I want to point out that it is not your responsibility as a woman's boyfriend to make her feel happy about herself and about her life.

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However, her approach to the relationship will affect how happy she is.

You are not responsible for her happiness, but the approach you choose will affect how happy she is with you, the relationship, and her life.

So let's look at why a woman loves her boyfriend but is not happy with him and the relationship.

Here are some of the reasons why…

The relationship feels more like a friendship to them. She loves him as a friend but is not romantically in love with him.

He has given her too much power over him to the point where she feels more dominant in the relationship.

Alternatively, he has taken her liberty by being far too controlling, jealous, or always wanting to spend every free minute with her.

Another possible reason why a friend loves her boyfriend but won't be happy is that she's tired of fighting with him all the time and just wants a more casual, chilled relationship.

Another reason is that she notices that they are stuck in a rut and not really making much progress in life or just doing the same old things all the time.

Alternatively, she's made great strides in her career and has been promoted over the years, but he's basically still stuck at the same level he was at when she first met him.

Another reason is that the sexual spark has faded and the guy just doesn't know how to get it back.

Finally, another reason is that she thought she wanted to be in a committed relationship for life but now feels like she wants to be alone or enjoy the single life like her friends.

It's important to understand that many women marry their high school sweetheart and stay together for life.

They are happy in a relationship together for life.

Also, many women settle down in their 20s and stay with their husbands (or boyfriends if they don't marry) for life.

My wife is an example of this.

I met her when she was 20 and I was 35 and we fell into a relationship straight away.

We ended up getting engaged, we got married, settled down and now we have twins.

Although my wife has friends who are still single and living this lifestyle, she doesn't care.

She is happy in a relationship with me.

It's not because I'm Mr. Perfect.

Instead, it's because of the relationship dynamic I've created.

She feels like my girl.

I am the man, she is the woman.

She looks up to me and respects me.

The thing is, though, if I had approached the relationship differently, I wouldn't have had a happy relationship with her, a happy engagement time, and now not an amazing marriage.

Still the same person, still the same body, but a different approach to the relationship.

For example: If I didn't make her feel like my girl, if I didn't take on the role of the dominant male in the relationship, then we would have a different relationship dynamic.

If I could create a relationship dynamic where I chase after her affection, try to live up to her standards, and tolerate bad behavior, then we would have a completely different relationship dynamic.

I want you to understand that the most important thing in a relationship is the momentum you create.

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You can create a relationship dynamic that makes your woman look up to you and respect you, feel lucky to be with you, feel lucky that she has a man like you.

Alternatively, you can create a relationship dynamic that makes your partner look down on you, feel like she probably made a mistake when she was with you, that she could be happier with someone else, and so on.

It's still you, still the same person, but the dynamic is different.

It all comes down to how you approach interactions with her, how you behave towards her, and how you get her to behave towards you.

An example of this is when a man is hesitant and a bit nervous and insecure when initiating physical contact with his girlfriend or wife, when initiating some affection and trying to sexually initiate something between them.

If the guy hesitates and she sees that he's concerned about her possible reaction to how he's going to touch her or how he's touching her, then she will feel repelled.

She will feel like the more dominant in the relationship.

She will feel that he is trying to live up to her expectations.

He tries to look his best in her presence, and he hopes that she will allow him to initiate affection and handle her physically.

On the other hand there is a man who believes in himself and makes contact with his wife in a self-confident and loving manner.

She senses his trust, she senses that he is not afraid.

This makes his trusting loving touch feel very different than if he were hesitant, uncertain, and insecure about it.

It feels very different to her.

It's the same guy, the same body, but he treats her differently.

Learn more?

Okay, I hope you enjoyed this video and learned something from it.

If you want to learn more about how to attract your girlfriend and make her fall in love with you more and more over time, then I recommend watching or listening to my program,Make her love you for life.

Using the techniques from the program will make her feel happier than she has ever felt in her life.

One of the reasons is that you will bring out your good girl side.

She will derive joy and happiness from being a good wife for you.

She will want to treat you well, be attentive, be loving, be loving and so on.

When you use this approach in a relationship, it's so much easier for you and it's so much more comfortable for both of you.

She can be really happy with you

One last point I want to make for you in this video is to point out that it's not like you're not able to make her happy in a relationship with you.

They are.

However, you must be willing to try different things in the relationship to get the desired outcome.

That doesn't mean everything you're doing right now is wrong.

It just means that some of the things you say and do around her make her feel repulsed, fall out of love with you, and so on.

You are able to make her happy in the relationship and you are also able to bring out her good girl side so that she gains joy and happiness in being a good woman to you.

The easy way to make her love you again

Getting her to love you, respect you, touch you and want you the way she did in the beginning is not difficult at all.

In fact, it's one of the easiest things you'll ever do.

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