What you can do now in NSW, we've reached 80 per cent (2023)

New South Wales has surpassed the long-awaited 80 percentCOVID 19Vaccination target unleashing a new set of freedoms starting today.

These include changes to the number of people you can have in your home, the number of customers in hair and beauty salons, and capacity restrictions in venues.

NSW-PremierDominik Perrottethas announced far-reaching changes starting today - the state's second "Freedom Day" in a week.

Regional travel has been postponed until November 1, the same day the state will lift quarantine requirements and welcome fully vaccinated travelers.

Here's what we know about the changes so far:

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What you can do now in NSW, we've reached 80 per cent (1)

can i travel How far can I travel?

Fully vaccinated residents in the greater Sydney area were originally told they would be able to travel to regional NSW when the state reaches the 80 per cent vaccination milestone.

That date has now been pushed back to November 1 due to concerns about low vaccination rates in regional communities.

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"The reason we made this decision is based on the vaccination rates ahead of us," Mr Perrottet said.

"If you look at where a percentage of the LGAs here in Sydney have achieved that 80 per cent double dose then regional NSW will be on November 1st."

Travel between two regional LGAs is currently permitted, and fully vaccinated residents can travel more than three miles.

RV sites and campsites are open again.

Do I have to be in quarantine if I'm flying in from another country?

From November 1, quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated international arrivals will also be abolished.

"Hotel quarantine will be a thing of the past," Mr Perrottet said.

"In partnership with the Commonwealth Government, people coming here are required to take a PCR test before boarding the flight stop and provide proof of their double vaccination.

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What you can do now in NSW, we've reached 80 per cent (3)

"For double vaccinated people around the world, Sydney, New South Wales is open for business."

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Travelers are also not expected to quarantine at home.

Those who are not vaccinated must complete a two-week hotel quarantine.

This level of quarantine will be capped at 210 people per week.

What if you had a dose? Do you still get liberties?


The easing of restrictions will only apply to fully vaccinated NSW residents and those on medical exemptions.

However, regional workers who have received one dose of the vaccine can go to work with a "grace period" until November 1 to receive the second.

Minister for Work and Western Sydney Stuart Ayres said this acknowledged that some regions had limited supplies of vaccines.

Regional areas are outside of Greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Wollongong, Shellharbour and the Central Coast.

Do I have to isolate myself if I'm exposed to a COVID-19 case?

Close contacts of COVID-19 contacts are still required to self-isolate, although the quarantine requirement is set to be scrapped in NSW.

Mr Perrottet said the isolation period had been reduced to seven days for fully vaccinated people.

He has yet to clarify how close contact is established, but indicated that that would not be the case if you were exposed in a cafe or restaurant, and more likely if you were a family or household contact.

Can I visit my family?


Up to 20 visitors will be admitted from Monday 18 October in a home where all adults are vaccinated (excluding children under 12).

Under the new guidelines, up to 50 people can gather outdoors.

Only fully vaccinated people can visit.

The only restriction would be if you live in the greater Sydney area and wish to visit a family member in a regional area.

What you can do now in NSW, we've reached 80 per cent (4)

Will shops be open in NSW?


Retail stores reopened on Monday 11 October under the one person per four square meter rule (indoors).

(Video) NSW surpasses 70 per cent vaccination target

Unvaccinated people - or people who have received a dose - only have access to critical retail outlets.

Personal services such as hairdressers, spas, beauty salons, tattoo and massage parlors and nail salons can open with a maximum customer limit of five people at a time.

80 percent of these limits will be abolished.

Will the pubs and restaurants be open?


Hospitality facilities may reopen subject to one person per four square meters indoors and one person per two square meters outdoors.

Standing drinking is allowed and a cap on the maximum number of people allowed in a booking will be lifted from November 1st.

Those who are unvaccinated are only allowed to take away.

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what about the gym Can I go to my gym?


Gyms and indoor leisure facilities can open under the one person per four square meter rule and offer classes for up to 20 people.

Sports facilities including swimming pools can reopen.

All participants must be fully vaccinated.

Indoor pools will also reopen for rehabilitation, children's swimming lessons and organized lap swimming.

Can I go to the hairdresser?


Personal services such as hairdressers and nail salons can open with one person per four square meters, limited to five customers per building.

80 percent of these limits will be abolished.

(Video) Long lockdowns 'unlikely' at 80 per cent vaccinated

80 percent of these limits will be abolished.

What about weddings and funerals?

From Monday 18th October there will be no more borders for weddings and funerals.

All participants must be vaccinated.

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What about churches? Can my church open?


Churches and places of worship can be opened with a rule of one person per four square meters. However, only performers are allowed to sing, and there is a 10-person cap for choirs.

All performers must be fully vaccinated.

What about interstate travel?

Probably not.

NSW can only govern its own borders and is the first state in the country to reach 70 per cent full vaccination coverage.

The rules governing which states you can travel to depend on the government regulations of your destination.

what about the office Will we still work from home?

For Greater Sydney office workers, even if they are 80 per cent fully vaccinated, employers must still allow employees to work from home if the employee is able to do so.

If you have to go to the office, you will be allowed to work without a mask if you are fully vaccinated.

Unvaccinated workers must continue to wear a mask.

People in regional NSW were able to return to work on October 11 if they had received a dose of the vaccine but were given until November 1 to be fully vaccinated.

This applies to those not living in Greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Wollongong, Shellharbour or the Central Coast.

Will sporting events reopen to crowds? What about theaters and zoos?


(Video) New South Wales reaches 80 per cent double dose target

Large outdoor leisure facilities, including stadiums, racetracks, theme parks and zoos, can reopen with one person per four square meters, capped at 5,000 people.

Up to 500 people can attend outdoor events with tickets and seats.

Indoor entertainment and information facilities, including cinemas, theaters, music halls, museums and galleries, can reopen with one person per four square meters or a fixed seating capacity of 75 percent.

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What you can do now in NSW, we've reached 80 per cent (6)

What about masks? Do I still have to wear a mask?

From October 18th you will no longer have to wear a mask in the office.

Masks remain mandatory for indoor public spaces, including public transport, hospitality, retail and business premises, on airplanes and at airports.

You don't have to wear a mask outside.

Can I do community sports?


Dust off your uniforms because community sports will resume from October 18th.

What about my children who are under 16 but not vaccinated?

Unvaccinated young people under the age of 16 have access to all outdoor settings but can only visit indoor venues with members of their household.

So is NSW lockdown over?

As of 12.01pm on October 11th, NSW is no longer officially locked down.

What if we have another outbreak? Are the lockdowns finally over?

No, lockdowns are not ruled out forever, but they have been described as a last resort.

Presenting the plan, former Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian stressed that if cases surged or erupted, the easing of restrictions could be delayed or lockdowns reintroduced.

But incoming PM Dominic Perrottet has previously said he is "absolutely" determined to avoid further lockdowns in the state.

Major roadmap changes announced on October 15th

Changes to the 80 percent roadmap (Monday, October 18).

(Video) NSW: Curfew lifted after 80 per cent first dose milestone, 1259 cases recorded | 9 News Australia

  • People who can accommodate up to 20 visitors (excluding children under 12) in one house (previously 10)
  • up to 50 people may gather outdoors (previously 20)
  • Standing drinks and dancing allowed in indoor and outdoor venues (so far no dancing)
  • no caps for weddings and funerals
  • up to 3,000 people may take part in controlled outdoor events that require a ticket (previously 500)
  • Resumption of community sport
  • Masks are no longer compulsory in office buildings


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