BTS reaction: The first time they are intimate with you (2023)

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Originally posted by taejoon

He wants the spontaneity. When the time was right, you would both just take things as they naturally would. It's been a few weeks into your relationship. Namjoon wanted to take you on an early morning hike, and as much as you disliked being out in the cold, you couldn't deny that sipping on a hot chocolate sounded like the perfect way to spend your morning and watch the sunrise together. It was a bit colder than either of you expected, so you decided to stay in the car and watch the sun rise while the heat from the heater blasted you both. You sip your drink until the sky is bathed in various shades of gold and pink.

"It's beautiful. Thanks for inviting me, Namjoon." But when you turn to look at him, you see he's not looking at the sky at all, he's looking at you. He's taken with your beauty. The way The way the sun shines on your skin literally makes you shine like an angel And at that moment he thinks now is the right time He puts his cup down and takes yours to put them both in the holder The Look in his eyes tells you all you need to know. They both lean forward at the same time and a fire instantly ignites in both of you as their lips touch. His hands travel to the hem of your shirt and he begins to lift it over your head His lips immediately travel to your chest as he begins to leave love bites.

"N-Namjoon, back seat. Move. Now." He pulls away and chuckles.

"Someone is impatient."

"Well, who's to blame? Maybe you shouldn't be so damn good looking and such a good kisser, hmm?” He laughs a little louder at this and playfully slaps your butt as you scramble in the back.

"You know, that's not how I picture our first intimate moment together." His words make you blush with embarrassment for a moment. "But I didn't want it any other way. As long as it's with you, that's all I care about.” Even if there's a chance someone else might see the two of you, make time for each other. Exploring each other's bodies, what drives the other. By the time you're done, you're both exhausted and slowly drifting off to sleep as he tucks you both in with a blanket he's tucked behind your back in case you get cold on your trek, hoping the windows will open on the deity hear who is listening tinted enough that no one can see you both.


BTS reaction: The first time they are intimate with you (3)

Originally posted by namjooq

Jin previously texted you asking you to come to his apartment for a "surprise." You had no idea what to expect. The last time this happened you spent days brushing flour out of your hair after falling victim to one of his pranks again. Jin was always very playful with you. So when you got a text just asking you to come over because it was very important, you didn't hesitate to drop everything you had planned to be with him. You walked into his apartment and it was pitch black except for a soft glow coming from the living room.


"In here baby!" They walk into the room to find that the soft glow is coming from a pillow and ceiling fort adorned with fairy lights.

"Dear, what is all this? Oh my goodness!" You take in the sights around you. The lights are twinkling like stars in the night sky, your favorite fluffy blanket of his makes the floor, and he's absolutely stuffed the fortress with pillows. In the middle of it all, your friend sits with you a single red rose in his mouth and other petals strewn across the blankets and pillows He gives you a leering wink and you bring a hand to your mouth to stifle your laughter He pats the spot next to him and you walk over to lay you down next to him. He takes the rose out of his mouth and hands it to you.

"A beautiful flower formeinbeautiful flower, y/n.” You blush, but take the rose and smile at him.

"So what's the occasion?"

"Well, I wanted to talk to you about something."

"Okay." You sit up, but he gently pushes you to lie down again. He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you against him so your back is against his chest. A kiss is placed on your head.

"Well, we've been together for a while. Almost one year."

"Mhm." His fingers are now running through your hair and you feel yourself falling asleep.

"And I really want to show you how serious I am about you. I trust you with my heart. And I'm ready to give it to you fully.” Your eyes widen and you turn to face him.

"Do you mean this?"

"Every word. I just want to thank you for being patient with me and waiting until I was ready. It's not that I didn't trust you! It's just... it's often very acclimating in my line of work about it and I was scared, I didn't want it to happen again.” Your heart aches at his confession.

"Of course. I'm in it for the long haul, you stay with me."

"It's all I could ever want. You by my side, knowing that my heart will always be safe…” He fiddles with the sleeve of his sweater, tugging at a loose cord as if nervous to meet your gaze. "Can we?"

"Yes." You nod in agreement and his lips barely brush yours. He makes time for you, loves you, and adores every inch of you.


BTS reaction: The first time they are intimate with you (4)

Originally posted by professional-fangirling

Yoongi has been wanting to advance your relationship for some time. But he wouldn't make the first move because he didn't want you to feel pressured, he would do it at your own pace until you feel comfortable enough with him.

You've been in the studio with him and loved just sitting and watching him make music. He's asked you for your input and opinion many times, and you were all too happy to give it because you're honored that you got to hear the songs he was working on before anyone else. He's finishing his latest song for his mixtape when you say something that makes him choke on his coffee.

"Yoongi, do you find me attractive?" He almost thinks he must have misunderstood you, so he asks you to repeat yourself.

"W-what did you say?"

"I asked if you found me attractive."

"What the- are you kidding? You are the most beautiful and sexy person I have ever seen in my life and I am so lucky to call you mine."

"Then why don't you ever, you know... go further? When we kiss and it gets even a little hot, you pull back and ruffle my hair and kiss my forehead. Every time."

He is stunned by your words. He didn't realize you felt this way, and he feels terrible. "You think I don't want you?"

"I mean, I know you love me, but... I just don't know if you think I'm pretty enough to-"

"Stop it. Come here." He pats his lap and you move off the couch to spread his hips. He holds yours tight and before you can say another word his lips are on yours like a starving man. You barely have time to breathe for a second when his lips seem to refuse to leave yours. He pulls away to finally give you a break, and when he does, he has that signature grin on his face that makes your stomach clench.

"Let me show you how badly I wanted my hands on you from the start."

Yoongi puts just as much fire and passion into his music, if not more than he does. He treats you roughly and leaves visible marks on your neck and hips because he holds you so tight. He wants you to see evidence of how much he wants you for weeks to come. After that, he's like a completely different person. Totally indulgent gone for you. He clings to you tightly like a koala and refuses to let you go, not even to dress you. He will make you feel loved and valued.


BTS reaction: The first time they are intimate with you (5)

Originally posted by hobieshopie

You went into the studio with Hoseok to watch him perform the new choreography he was working on. You absolutely loved watching him dance. He put all his passion into his dance and it showed. From the intense expression on his face, from the way he kept dancing even though he was drenched in sweat, from the way that even with a knitted brow in concentration you could see a smile behind his bright eyes. He was totally in his element and you would be forever grateful to see him in a way most people have never experienced.

This dance was a little... different from the others he had shown you. The way he moved his hips left little to your imagination. It was like he was trying to seduce you on purpose and it worked. You found yourself attracted to him without realizing it, and soon you were standing close to his back, arms wrapped around his waist.

"Hoseok, did you invite me over here to try and get your way with me?" He laughs at that and twists in your grip.

“Hmm… well, it wasn't my only intention. But I thought if that would lead to other things... I can't say I mind." He says with a waggle of his eyebrows. You playfully pat him on the chest and laugh with him. "I mean, it's only fair! This is where I do what I love most every day, it only makes sense that you should be a part of it.” His expression darkens and your laughter stops immediately as his lips crash into yours.

The tension between the two of you had built up long enough, and you both found your redemption quickly. Lying on the floor, the only sound was your two heavy breaths that filled the room.

"That was... wow."

"I, wow."

"Are you ready for round 2, honey?"


BTS reaction: The first time they are intimate with you (6)

Originally posted by samwol

It was fairly early in your relationship when you and Jimin were first intimate. Of course, he showed his love and affection for others through touching, cuddling, hugging, and kissing. So when he fell in love with you quickly, he didn't waste any time making sure you knew that. You both lay on your side on his bed and looked at each other. He had one hand that rested gently on your waist as he rubbed circles on your side with his thumb. Every once in a while he would lean over and place kisses on your nose, cheeks, and forehead, causing you to let out a light laugh.

"You are so beautiful, you know that?"

"Hmm, I think you might have told me that once or twice."

"And you are so cute. I love your laugh. It's my favorite sound in the world.”

"Jimin..." Your eyes soften and you lean forward, finally connecting your lips. His fingers immediately grip you a little tighter and pull you closer.

"I really like you a lot, y/n. I've never fallen in love with someone so quickly and I don't know exactly what to do. It's scary." You cup his face in your hands and lightly kiss his cheeks.

"You do not have to be scared. I like you a lot too. And for the record, I also think your laugh is the best sound in the world. And you're really beautiful, too.” After that, things just come naturally. Jimin is gentle with you but just as passionate. He's a dancer after all, and he'll use those hips to make sure you'll never want to be with anyone else again, that you'll never doubt how strong his feelings for you will grow. After that, he is very clingy and refuses to leave your side or let you go. He's still lying on top of you, pressing kisses to your chest and neck.

"Jimin, you're going to upset me again, stop it."

"What if that's my intention?"

"Oh my god, you're insatiable, we've tried twice already. My thighs hurt.” He giggles at you and leans down to kiss right where you just said it hurts. He feels the muscles under his lips twitch. "Jimin!"

"I know angel, I'm sorry. I will quit. I just want to make sure this is real. You are actually here and I'm not just imagining it. Sometimes I think you're too perfect and I just made you up.” He rolls off you and lies on his side, looking at you with wide, puzzled eyes.

“I can assure you this is very real. I am real. my love for you is real And nothing will ever change that or make that fade away.”


BTS reaction: The first time they are intimate with you (7)

Originally posted by yoongikook

Taehyung had planned everything. The two of you had been together for a few months now, and while it hadn't been very long, he knew it. It was you for him. He wanted everything to be perfect. So he has planned a very nice romantic evening for both of you. There was a viewpoint he found while going on an early morning hike with NamjoonTo runpunishment, and when he saw it, he knew he wanted to take you there. He had packed a basket for the two of you with your favorite snacks and a bottle of wine to share. He had spread out the covers and fluffed all the pillows. They both spent the evening telling stories and making each other laugh. That's what you always loved about your and Taehyung's relationship. It was as easy as breathing, all natural. And you two were head over heels into each other and with just one look you could feel the love between you two.

When the night ended and the moon shone on you, he was absolutely smitten by your beauty and couldn't help it. He wanted to wait until you both got home, but seeing the way you looked right now, he knew he couldn't wait that long. He is a patient man, but even he has his limits. You've seen the change in his expression, from sweet and gentle to passionate, with his pupils exploding with desire for you.

"Y/n I love you. More than anything else in this world and I want to show you how much. Is that ok?” He tangles his fingers in your hair and pulls you close, finally connecting your lips together. When you pull away, you're breathless. He stares at you, waiting for your agreement to move things forward .

"I love you too. And I'm more than fine with that. Make me yours, Tae. Please."

He is gentle and sweet to you and pours every ounce of love he has for you into every kiss, every touch. He takes his time with you, wants to enjoy every moment and remember everything. How you sound, how you taste, how you look at it like it's your whole world. And he looks at you the same way.


BTS reaction: The first time they are intimate with you (8)

Originally posted by taebb

When Jungkook invited you to watch a movie with him, he hadn't planned for things to escalate the way they did. In one minute you were laughing at something funny the main character said as he admired your laugh and how beautiful you looked with your head thrown back, a fit of giggles escaped your lips. Next you were under him, breathing heavily and moaning his name. He froze as he did so and straightened up to hover over you.

"I am sorry! Is this okay? I didn't even ask, I just lunged at you.” You giggle and put your hand on his cheek to calm him down.

"It's okay. I want this as much as you do."

"A-are you sure? Really sure? I.. I don't want you to feel like you have to or anything. We can wait for another time, I mean, it's not a special occasion or anniversary or anything-' You interrupt his chatter with a gentle kiss to his lips and he seems to relax, his arms giving way as he settles back on it leans on top of you.

"Are you nervous? You tend to speak very fast and stutter."

"A little. Yes. Okay, a lot."


"Because it's just... you. You are perfect and beautiful and amazing in every way.”

"And like you said, it's just me. You don't need to be nervous around me. I'll take care of you." His cheeks flush as he nods and rolls onto his back, pulling you with him to spread his hips. He tries to hide his face, suddenly feeling quite shy, but you don't not closing it, pulls his arms away and puts them over his head.

"They stay upstairs."

"Sure, boss." You giggle and bend down to kiss him. After that, things heat up quickly if you set the pace that you're comfortable with. Jungkook lets you take over completely and wants nothing more than to make you feel good.


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