15 reasons why quality time is so important in a relationship (2023)

15 reasons why quality time is so important in a relationship (1)

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Spending time with your partner is important for a relationship to grow and blossom into something much deeper. That's why it's important to understand why relationships need quality time. Newer couples in particular would want to spend every second of each other's company. It's only natural.

Sometimes people wonder why relationships need quality time exactly. If you are one of those people, then read on to find the answer to the simple question.

Over time, the time spent together can decrease, which is perfectly normal. Also for aHealthy long-term relationship. Quality time together can be scarce, especially when you're both busy pursuing personal interests.

Regardless, spending time together is important and valuable. A time set aside to focus on pleasure and re-establishing the romantic connection goes a long waystrengthening the relationship.

What exactly is quality time?

Quality time refers to precious moments that we spend in the company of important people in our lives. In Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages, Quality Time is the language that revolves around togetherness. It is love and affection expressed through undivided attention.

There are many ways you can spend time with your significant other. Quality time is usually associated with long periods of rest or travel, like vacations together. However, there's no rule that says it's the only way to spend quality time.

It is entirely possible to spend quality moments with your loved one without being extravagant and fancy somewhere orcarry out laborious activities. A walk in the park or a coffee break together are just a few examples. Even as simple as staying indoors and watching movies together can already count as quality time with your partner.

How much quality time do you need in a relationship?

Contrary to what other people might say, it's entirely possible to spend too much time with your partner. While you may look forward to spending all of your time with your partner and sharing all of your experiences with them, it is necessary to make time for yourself and other things in your life that make you happy.

So how much quality time should couples spend together? According to relationship counselor Silva Neves, the answer to this question depends on the couple.

It would be ideal for a busy couple who have little time to spare to have some meaningful contact or interaction first thing in the day. This could be a meaningful hug or a kiss.

It's also possible to send a few text messages to each other during the day to reconnect. These are small things that make a difference in your relationship.

It is important to find a balance between quality time with each other and quality time with yourself and other people. Too little time you spend together could strain your relationship, while too much time you spend in each other's company could drain all your energy, not to mention reducing the time you spend with other people and others spend aspects of your life.

Finding this balance is important to recognize your needs as an individual and to respect that you and your partner may have differences.Communication is also key. Checking in with your partner and creating a balance that you both can comfortably hold can go a long way.

Can relationships last long without quality time?

The short answer is no. Making time for your partner and spending quality time with them is important for strengthening connections and forging deeper bonds.

A serious lack of quality time in relationships can destroy their foundation and weaken any bonds that have formed. A couple who don't spend much meaningful time together can forget if they love each other.

In such cases, your partner might feel forgotten and that they are not a priority for you. This then leads tofeelings of neglectand resentment. They then distance themselves from each other and share exciting experiences less often.

A lack of meaningful quality time could lead to the couplefall in loveand end the relationship.

Quality time in marriage can be hard to come by. Striking the right balance between work and family responsibilities can be difficult, often resulting in a marriage falling apart.

Love grows and develops over time, but without the right foundation, it can quickly crumble.

15 reasons why quality time is so important in a relationship (2)

15 reasons why quality time is so important

Below we have listed fifteen reasons that emphasize the importance of spending time together in a relationship. Read on and hopefully you will be convinced to end up actively trying to spend more time with your partner!

1. Keeps the passion alive

Being with your partner allows you to connect on a different level than emotional and spiritual. make the effortto spend time togetherand being better for each other can help you feel closer andKeep the passion in the relationship.

For couples who have lost the spark in their relationship, spending quality time together can help you reconnect with your partner and reignite that passion. You also have the opportunity to discuss how to manage and improve your sexual relationship.

2. Helps relieve stress

Life is stressful and there's no denying that. It's difficult to balance responsibilities and problems from different aspects of your life. Alsoto be in a relationshipcan be stressful sometimes.

But taking the time to spend time together can be a great way to take your mind off things and relieve stress. Couples who spend time together have a better chance of confronting challenges and issues that come their way.

3. Improves communication

One good thing about spending time with your spouse or partner is that it provides an opportunity to talk. It doesn't matter whether you just go for a walk together, the main thing is that you can communicate with each other.

You don't necessarily have to have "deep" conversations all the time, but simply asking about her day or asking her opinion on something can help improve communication with your partner. These little things can make a big difference in the quality of your relationship.

Making time for communication can also help avoid potential conflicts that may arise in the future and make you and your partner feel like a team.

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4. Builds memories

Take time out of your schedule to spend some time together, which contributes to more meaningful experiences. Having a picnic together, a holiday trip together or going to the cinema together are moments that are fondly remembered.

Sometimes meaningful experiences can be found in small periods of time. Stopping to watch the sunset or cracking silly jokes while preparing breakfast are small moments that pass quickly but are essential in reminding couples of the love they share for one another.

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5. Helps fight depression

Depression is a common mental health problem that affects many people, and even those who suffer from itcommitted relationshipsare not spared. Being with your significant other can create both positive and negative experiences, but it's never too late to talk about it and recover from it.

Making an effort to spend quality time with your partner who you think is feeling this way will help remove any burdens they may be feeling and remind them that they are loved. Of course, it is important to remember that if the problem persists or worsens, a professional should be contacted.

dr Maxine Ruddock, a clinical psychologist, explains how relationships can heal depression in this video:

15 reasons why quality time is so important in a relationship (3)

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6. Improves balance

Being in a relationship doesn't mean giving up your individuality. You must nurture while balancing your needs and desires. As you spend more time with your partner, you will better understand each other's personalities. This way you can help each other in their searchbalance in your relationship.

7. Improves the self-esteem of the relationship

Sometimes people can't help but think that maybe they aren't good enough for their partner or that their partner doesn't love them as much as they thought they did.

But spending more time together can help convince her that they are worth loving and not forgetting. This makes them more confident in their relationship with their partner.

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8. Creates closeness and exclusivity in the relationship

Spending time together creates an opportunity to have common interests and to have fun and laugh in each other's company. This is a great way to strengthen your friendship, which is often the foundation of everyoneromantic relationship. This, in turn, makes couples feel much closer.

9. Enhances intimacy

If you spend a lot of time together, you can gain more insight into her personality. The more you know about a person, the more you understand them and the more chance you have of being able to identify and connect with them on a level that goes beyond the physical.

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10. Shows commitment to one another

Commitment is best shown when a person makes every effort or time to be with their partner. It doesn't have to be an extravagant or expensive gesture. Even something as simple as promising to give your partner all afternoon off the next day, and delivering on that promise, can show how committed a person is to the relationship.

A little extravagance now and then is of course not wrong. But spending time together more often can prevent the extravagance from being viewed as a desperate measure to save the relationship.

11. Strengthens the romantic connection

Of course, spending time with your partner is to prevent your romantic connection from collapsing. It can be easy to forget why the two of you are in the relationship in the first place when you start seeing each other less and becoming distant.

Because of this, quality time is important to maintain and strengthen the connections you've made.

12. Rekindle the novelty of the relationship

When you spend time trying new experiences, you're less likely to take each other for granted. This can rekindle the excitement that was there at the beginning of your relationship.

When you're excited, you want to spend more time with the person, which then helps strengthen the bond.

15 reasons why quality time is so important in a relationship (4)

13. Builds trust

With that comes commitment. When your partner sees how committed you are to the relationship, they will have more confidence in you. Trust is an important factor to maintain as a relationship without trust is more likely to fall apart.

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14. Increases partner satisfaction

Quality time is all about expressing your love to your partner. It's all about the small displays that make your partner feel loved. Most of the time, these depictions are expressed in physical form, such as holding hands, cuddling, and tickling, to name a few. Studies have shown that such displays of affection go a long way towards making your partner happy.

15. Helps a relationship last longer

Relationships need quality time to thrive. Most couples in healthy, long-term relationships can only achieve this because they never forget to focus solely on their partners. While it's overkill and unnecessary to be with him every minute of the day, try to spend more time with him on a regular basis.


It's perfectly natural to have different interests and commitments, even in a committed relationship. This shouldn't be used as an excuse for not spending as much time with your partner as possible. Relationships take time to grow and develop into something that lasts.

Try to set up dates with your partner. Don't hesitate to communicate with them and find a balance between each other's schedules and commitments. Counseling is also possible if you feel you need extra help. Making an effort to do all of these can make you feel closer and more intimate with each other.


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