10 reasons why fighting in a relationship is good (2023)

10 reasons why fighting in a relationship is good (1)

Is fighting good in a relationship? Is it normal to fight every day in a relationship? Yes and no. Constant arguments in a relationship are uncomfortable, but there will always be reasons to argue.

The specific nature of the struggles in a relationship determines how therelationship grows. For example, physical fights or inflicting injury or pain on a partner are terrible. Likewise, an argument aimed at belittling and ridiculing the partner harms the relationship. Nevertheless there ishealthy fights.

Yes! Couples who want to improve their relationship have to fight every now and then because there are fighting disadvantages. Typical arguments in a relationship involve arguments about differences, dislikes, and behaviors.

You should expect this as a typical relationship involves two unique people from different backgrounds.

Also, a healthy fight will help you improve and become a better person. After every fight, couples must find a way to get back together and compromisebuild a positive relationship.

Is fighting in relationships normal?

Is fighting normal in a relationship? Absolutely yes! Every beautiful and romantic couple you see out there fights occasionally. Your relationship will go through a rough patch at some point. You will have arguments and disagree with your partner.

Fighting in a relationship is more about how you fight than how often.

For example, it's wrong to hold a grudge against your partner for doing something they didn't know about. Likewise, arguing about a small problem that you could otherwise have solved is no longer a healthy struggle. This is subtlety.

However, it is permissible to constantly argue in a relationship with good intentions. The lack of fighting in a relationship should be a cause for concern. It means that the two of you don't have deep communication or aren't close enough. Make sure you express yourself calmly without belittling your partner.

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Is fighting healthy in a relationship? Is fighting normal in a relationship? Keep reading this article to see why healthy fights are right for your relationship.

10 reasons why fighting is healthy for your relationship

Is fighting normal in a relationship? Every couple fights at one time or another. At times you may wonder if the arguments between you and your partner are normal and how they will affect your relationship in the long run.

1. Fighting strengthens the relationship

Is fighting good in a relationship? If it strengthens the bond, then yes.

One of the reasons for fighting in relationships is that it strengthens the bond between couples. Healthy and constructive fighting allows each person to voice their views and express themselves without abuse or violence.

Fights like this only help the couple become better people. Also, it allows the couple to resolve their differences in a timely manner, see clearer skies andunderstand each other better.

2. Fighting creates trust between partners

10 reasons why fighting in a relationship is good (2)

Is It Healthy To Never Fight In A Relationship? Well no. It just means that you and your partner don't communicate well and may not trust each other completely.

Is fighting good in a relationship?

Another reason arguments are encouraged in a relationship is that they build trust. Constantly struggling in a relationship where you can express yourself will only help you trust your partner more. It makes you accept the confrontation more, knowing that you are dealing with a reasonable person who will only try to understand.

Also, you won't feel like your relationship is being threatened. Being able to survive any fight gives you more security in relation to the relationship. It means you are honest with each other.

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3. Fighting brings a moment of relief

In the early stages of a relationship, couples tend to ignore many unusual or different issues about their partner. Since the relationship is still new, it's normal to see how things develop. At some point, arguments break out in a relationship, and then you hear a lot of surprising facts from your partner.

For example, you might have made your partner uncomfortable with your frequent farting. Sometimes healthy fighting will bring up these issues that are better for you to work on now. You feel relieved that you can resolve an issue affecting your relationship.

Similarly, your partner feels like a great burden has been lifted from their shoulder. Instead of ignoring now, they will make sure that they can draw your attention to many things. In addition, you will feel good. This is what a healthy fight in a relationship is all about.

4. Fighting allows you to get to know each other better

One of the perks of fighting is that it reveals a lot about your partner, which helps you know how to treat them. As mentioned earlier, many of the things you let go of initially will come out in your first fight.

Expressing yourself clearly, without mincing words, gives your partner a new perspective on you. You see a new page that you didn't notice before. It's like a reality check to remind them that they are dealing with a human.

A reasonable partner will understand your feelings towards a given subject partner. Not talking about something that makes you uncomfortable will only send the wrong message to your partner. However, if you tell them, they will know that you are determined and will adjust accordingly.

5. Fighting increases love

Fighting is good in a relationship because it fosters love. After every healthy fight, you can not only help, but love your partner more. Yes! It may feel like the struggles in a relationship only last 5 minutes, but you miss them more for those minutes. Conflict is essential to strengthen thisintimacy in a relationship.

It's safe to say the wordMake-up-Sexcomes from healthy fights. This activity will help boost your love life and assure you of something worthwhile.

Even thoughMake-up-Sexcan be dangerous, and some couples use it to avoid further confrontation. Nonetheless, it is a crucial part of your relationship growth process.

6. Fighting allows you to be yourself

10 reasons why fighting in a relationship is good (3)

Constant struggle in a relationship makes you realize that you and your partner are human. Before you met your partner, you must surely have created a perfect picture in your mind. We all do. Everyone wants a beautiful or handsome partner. Nice, quiet, down to earth etc.

The truth is we forget that nobody is perfect. Healthy fighting brings us back to reality. Fighting is good in a relationship because it lets your partner know that you are not an angel. It shows that you are a human being with many flaws and helps you to accept it.

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7. Fighting shows that your partner is different

Fighting is good in a relationship because it reveals your partner's personality. We all expect people to behave like us, forgetting that we all come from different backgrounds. Some people often wonder why their partners can't do some things for them. It's normal to have these expectations because we just believed our ways were right.

Arguing in a relationship, however, tells you something else.

It's easy to think that your partner knows all of your dislikes and likes, moods and needs. Some partners even expect their love interest to read their mind and say when they're unhappy about a certain thing. Relationships don't work that way because there are two unique individuals.

When you see a partner who disagrees with your point of view or attitude, you suddenly realize that it is a different person after all. This relationship phase can be scary as you don't know if you can handle her personality.

You will continue to see new things about your partner as you grow together. It's best to adapt or find common ground for themdevelopment of the relationship.

8. Fighting makes you a better person

Struggles in a relationship drive partners to improve. Our partners are usually the ones who show us our weaknesses. You may have been living your life for decades and not even realizing there is a mistake. Remember that nobody is perfect and your imperfections make you human.

When you meet a sane person and they consistently engage in healthy fights, you see your weaknesses in a better light. That leads to improvement. Note that fighting in a relationship is how you fight, not how often.

When you responsibly draw your partner's attention to a problem, they can improve. However, scolding and criticism can make it worse. With multiple struggles in a relationship, your patience, love, and caring will increase as you focus on bettering yourself and your partner.

9. Fighting creates memories

CorrespondingLifeHack, your first argument in a relationship is an important milestone that you need to celebrate. Constant struggle in a relationship is a basis for great memories in the future. Some fights will be unreasonable, weird, and out of proportion.

You would cry over a stupid thing your partner did. For example, you might argue with your partner because she forgot to get you a cup of ice cream after you reminded her multiple times. You can refer to this as your partner not taking you as needed.

However, one day you and your partner will look back and laugh about it. It is one of the healthy combat advantages. It helps you create unusual bonds.

Watch this video to understand why people who fight in relationships are more likely to be in love.
10 reasons why fighting in a relationship is good (4)

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10. Fighting shows that you care about each other

Instead of constantly fighting in a relationship, would you rather be lied to by your partner?

If your partner complains to you about something, it's a sign that they want you to adjust and become a better person. Remember that they could have just ignored you, but then it would mean that they care less about you.

Occasional bickering would mean that your partner is with you for the long haul. They want you in their life for a while. They will always argue with you about what they see as hurdles and damaging to the relationship.

Partners willing to endure awkward fights and word-slinging have a high chance of staying with you for a long time.


So is fighting good in a relationship? Yes, fighting is good in a relationship. As long as you have the occasional healthy argument, there's a good chance your relationship will stand the test of time. Healthy fighting consists of arguments and intense discussions aimed at improving each other.

Note that physical altercations in a relationship or verbal abuse do not fall into this category. A good relationship battle will help you strengthen the love, intimacy, and bond you have together. And that allows the relationship to thrive even in the face of challenges. Therefore, fighting in a relationship is good.


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